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40 Years of Innovation

Started in 1971 in a garage in Malibu, California with an old surfboard carved out two places, the Ocean Kayak was born thanks to a passion for scuba diving. It has earned a reputation amongst kayak enthusiasts worldwide ever since.

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For recreational paddlers looking for fun, versatility and great performance. Single Ocean Kayaks have got you covered.



The ultimate Fishing Kayaks. Designed with the angler in mind. Our Ocean Kayaks take fishing to the next level with incredible design and function.



Our Tandem Kayaks are the perfect vehicle for family fun on the water. Stable and versatile, you could even bring the dog along.


Ocean Kayak has a full line of accessories to give your kayak added versatility and comfort. You can also outfit it with specialty items suitable for water sports interests including diving, fishing, touring, river riding and surfing.
Carlisle® paddles is the best partner for your
Ocean Kayak, offers outstanding touring and recreational
kayak paddles in a variety of materials and designs. Everyone is built to take a beating and keep going.
40 Years of Innovation


Innovation is one of our primary missions when we design our kayaks. From the Prowler Torque Series powered by a Minn Kota® motor, to our world popular Malibu Two, Ocean Kayak® continue to be the leader in kayak design and innovation; now for over 40 years.


As the worlds largest manufacturer of Sit-on-Top kayaks, the unique Ocean Kayak® open cockpit allows the paddler to enter and exit the kayak easily from the shore, dock, or water, and paddle without feeling confined. Innovation is one of our primary missions when we design our kayaks.


The manufacturing process in U.S.A has a series of checklists that ensure our kayaks meet high quality standards. We water test every kayak before it is wrapped up and shipped out. This process allows us to double check the kayak for any manufacturing inconsistencies. Our materials have ultra-violet inhibitors blended in which help prevent the plastic from breaking down in the sun.


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