Currarong Kingies

With word getting around that some good sized Kingfish had turned up around the rocky ledges around Currarong (Shoalhaven area, New South Wales), it was time to do a trip down there to see if I could get a couple myself.

I paddled out from the calm, clear waters of Currarong Township and caught a couple of nice squid for bait. I rigged one up and put the other in my Ocean Kayak live bait tank for later. I headed out to my target area where the seas start to get a lot rougher. The swell hits the rocky platforms and creates a lot of back wash which the Kingfish love. I down-rigged the live squid using a large snapper sinker attached to my swivel with an elastic band. With this technique, when fish hit your bait the elastic band breaks away the sinker and the sinker doesn’t get in the way.

I watched my Humminbird fishfinder closely as I paddled along the rugged cliff-line till I came across a drop of with a heap of bait. Some big clear arcs were showing on the Humminbird which I suspected were Kingies. Slowly paddling around the area I strategically dropped my squid around the same depth as the bait. And within a couple of minutes I had a strike!

I locked my Tyrnos into gear with the drag wound right up to stop the Kingie getting to the rugged bottom. After a few exciting minutes I had the fish up and pulled it into the Yak. It was a good sized Kingie, great for the dinner plate. I found it amazing how big the baits these Kingies can fit into their mouths. My squid wasn’t small and this fish had easily swallowed it.

I put the other bait out and again and within a couple of minutes I had another Kingie about the same size. With no more live bait I decided to paddle back along the cliffs and get the Kingies back nice and fresh. It’s important to bleed Kingies as soon as possible and try to keep them cool on the trip back. This is where the ice box for Ocean Kayaks are really handy. It’s long enough to fit decent fish in with room to spare. I always freeze a 1.25L bottle of water and put it in the back which keeps the fish nice and cold.

My rig used:

  • Tyrnos 30w two speed
  • 15kg mono attached to 80 pound Shimano wind on leader
  • Gamakatsu swivel
  • 6/o gamakatsu circle hook.