How to catch salmon

With the water starting to cool slightly, it’s time to start targeting those fun little Australian Salmon.

These fish swim in large schools and can be found in close to short around bombies and right up close along the rock platforms and along the beaches. They readily take small chrome slug lures, squidgies, bibbed lures and heaps of different baits like: worms, pilchards, squid just to name a few. You need to try and match what they’re most likely to be feeding on. i.e. if your fishing from the beach you can catch them on bait like worms small bait fish like pilchards etc. When I’m fishing from my kayak I like to use small chrome slugs like the spanyid range. If you see small white bait jumping out of the water try and use a lure that is the same size as the fish you see in the area as chances are they’ll be feeding on that sized fish.

I’ve added a short video to show how easy it is to catch them from your kayak using lures. It can be a real spectacle watching several salmon chasing your lure right up to your kayak. These little speedsters can put on a great performance to jumping out several times as they try to shake the lure out. Try and keep the pressure on as they jump as this is when they often get off.