It’s Marlin Season

It’s time to start chasing the Marlin. There’s been heaps of reports of juvenile Black Marlin from 20kg to 30kg being caught up North around South West Rocks right up to Fraser Island. These young Blacks are all in close to shore so you don’t have to travel far to be in with a chance. Live Slimy Mackeral or Bonito and other Small Tuna are the best baits if you want to target these Blacks.

I was tempted to make the 7 hour trip up there but after doing a couple of big trips out from my local area (Kiama-Gerringong) I realised there was some bait starting to stack up at my usual spots (6km to 12km off-shore). I knew it would only be a matter of time before some decent Striped Marlin and Black Marlin would turn up.

For some reason we don’t get the real young Blacks turning up down in the Kiama area like they do up North. We do however get some good sized Striped Marlin as well as decent older Black Marlin. The average Marlin caught around here would be between 60kg up to about 150kg, however some are substantially larger.

On a recent trip I headed out 16km North East of Gerringong (which I wouldn’t recommend for everyone). I filled my live bait tank with three Slimy Mackeral that I had caught just out the front over some local reefs; and bridled another one up as live bait which I put onto my 24kg gear.

I listened intently on my Cobra marine radio to see if the boats were catching any and whereabouts all the action was. After a three hour paddle I’d made it to my spot that they call Mount Fuji. Soon after I got there I managed to spot one cruising in the water about 30m from me. My body filled with adrenalin as I paddled towards it and I strategically placed my live bait right in front of it’s nose. The fish followed briefly before veering off and cruising into the depths.

I continued to work the area for a few hours with no luck. The wind had picked up so I set up my Pacific Action Sail and headed back home. Once back at the boat harbour in Gerringong I had a quick fish for some squid and managed 3 in about 10 minutes. I didn’t get any big fish for the day but all in all it was great on the water and I did get some tucker for the family.

I’d heard on the marine radio of about 20 Striped Marlin and a few Black Marlin caught in the vicinity of where I’d been fishing so I’m super keen to get back out there.

I hope to head out again later in the week and give it another crack.