Stable and versatile – it can be paddled solo or tandem.

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The Malibu Two Sit-on-Top has three moulded seat and foot well positions making it an ideal kayak for the family. It can be paddled by two adults with some extra space for a child (or pet) or by a single adult from the centre seat. The Malibu Two performs well on flat water or in the surf and is very stable suiting the larger paddler.




Length: 3.65m
Width: 0.87m
Weight: 25kg
Bow Seat Width: 0.47m
Stern Seat Width: 0.51m
Center Seat Width: 0.41m
Bow Leg Length: 1.12m
Stern Leg Length: 1.07m
Center Leg Length: 1.07m
Max Capacity: 185kg
SRP: $999 AUD


  • Water Bottle Holders and Water Bottles
  • Carry Handles
  • Rear Bungee
  • Flag Holder


Single piece paddles with 60º offset asymmetrical injection moulded polypropylene blades and anodised aluminium 29mm diameter shaft. Overall length of 2.16m with a 180mm wide paddle blade. Available in five blade colours.

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Designed for recreational use with Sit-on-Top and sit-in kayaks. An extremely durable general purpose paddle designed for the beginner to intermediate paddler. Shafts are 29mm in diameter and are available in single piece aluminium, single piece fibreglass, two piece fibreglass and two piece fibreglass with Smart Shaft. The Smart Shaft system allows for 100mm of length adjustment and multiple angle adjustment. Blades are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced injection moulded polypropylene, 60º offset asymmetric cut, cupped shape for power paddling and are 180mm wide. Supplied as standard with grip indicators, sealed blades, sealed shafts and drip rings.

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