Trident Ultra 4.1

A kayak with an exceptional heritage being based on the proven world wide selling Prowler 13 with more features.

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The Trident Ultra 4.1 is a kayak with an exceptional heritage being based on the proven world wide selling Prowler 13, but there is nothing historical about the features that have been included on the new Trident Ultra 4.1.

The kayak sports the latest in kayak fishing requirements and innovations including the must have centre storage for your fishing tackle. The kayak also features four flush mounted rod holders, the Humminbird Side Imaging supporting transducer scupper, and the easy to use Click Seal forward hatch ensuring you have full access to the front storage area. Even for the larger paddler, this kayak is extremely stable even in rough conditions.




Length: 4.1m
Width: 0.71m
Weight: 28.5kg
Max Capacity: 195kg
SRP: $1,799 AUD


  • Centre Tackle Storage Well
  • Transducer Scupper
  • Wear Strip/Skid
  • Click Seal Front Hatch
  • Solid Side Handles
  • Four Flush Mounted Rod Holders
  • 100% Inserts – No Self Tapping Screws Used
Trident Hatch

Click Seal Front Hatch

This easy to open cam lock hatch is designed to lock securely with one simple click. Once it’s locked the durable inner rubber gasket provides an amazing seal which will help keep your gear safe, secure and dry.

Centre Tackle Storage Well

Centre Tackle Storage Well provides storage and easy access to your fishing rods from the centre of the kayak. It has multiple rod holder options, fish measure and cup holder.

Centre Tackle Storage Well


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