Squid jigging off Gerringong

In late February, I went squid jigging, heading out with high expectations. I loaded the kayak up with all the gear (3 rods and reels, Fusion stereo, 3 x cameras, Pacific Action Sail and plenty of food and water). I was planning for a big trip out from Gerringong towards Kiama, out about 12kms offshore.

As always I had a quick jig for squid out the front of Gerringong over the reefy areas.

The water was real clear and warm and it wasn’t long before I had my first taker, a nice bait sized squid. After a few more flicks I landed a couple more squid.

TIP: When squid jigging I always wind real slowly and then twitch the jig and then pause it. I’ve found over the years and after filming them under the water that 7 times out of 10 the squid takes the jig at this pause stage. I will upload squid jigging tips to YouTube in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out.

After catching a few more squid I tried for some slimey mackerals with no luck, so I rigged up a nice squid for live bait. I paddled out a few kilometres and found some bait on the Humminbird fish finder. It was scattered and didn’t look like there were any big fish on them. I worked the area for a hour with no results.

I had been very excited to chase marlin at the start of the trip but 4 hours into my trip I kept thinking about the squid in close. With more squid on my mind and the thought of capturing some underwater on my camera in that clear water I headed back in and continued to fish for squid. By now it was about 11am and the water was still clear and had good light. I managed to catch another 5 or 6 and got some cool underwater shots of the squid.

I didn’t get any big fish for the day but got plenty of calamari for the family and all in all, it was a great day on the water. Squid jigging is one of my favourites and although my kayak was loaded up with gear the reality is you only need a $20 fishing rod and reel and a $5-$10 squid jig to catch them.

I heard on my marine radio that only a couple of Marlin were caught from the boats in the area anyway so I probably would have been wasting my time had I kept going for Marlin. Till next time Keenly Keep Kayaking!