Recreational Kayaks

Recreational Kayaks

Fun for families, free spirits and everyone in-between

Malibu Pedal

Dive in feet first with the Malibu Pedal. It features an advanced PDL Drive System that makes for a fresh new kayaking experience. It's fun, zippy, stable and has turn-on-a-dime performance. A kid's j..


Malibu Two XL

The Malibu Two XL is a popular choice for hire and tour operators; it delivers excellent stability, tracking and manoeuvrability. It is an ideal family kayak with three seating positions allowing sing..


Zest Two Exp

Rated one of the fastest sit-on-top tandems on the market, it’s perfect for a day trek or weekend adventure. Load it up! The Zest has tons of storage! This kayak replaces the Cabo...


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